1-on-1 Personal Training

Looking to push through a personal barrier? Stuck in a rut? Need additional motivation and ideas? We've got you.

Get Some Help

Who is 1-on-1 Training For?
  • Athletes who have hit a plateau and are looking to advance to the next level in performance
  • Former fitness buffs who have lost interest in their workout and fallen out of the routine
  • Beginners who want to work out independently but have questions about everything
  • Older clients looking for safety and reassurance through a mix of balancing and strengthening exercises with personal attention

The right support from a fitness trainer can mean the difference between getting by–and getting results. Find out how 1-on-1 Personal Training can help you meet your personal fitness goals.

When you choose 1-on-1 training at Centered fitness, we'll match you with a personal trainer who knows your experience level, your fitness preferences, and your personal goals. Get the personal attention and support that you need to safely break through to the next level in your workout.